Property Data Collection: Practitioner’s Guide


The purpose of the property data collector’s practitioner’s guide is to provide an entry level orientation to property data collection. Property data collection is required for various purposes. The primary focus is on residential property and data collection for the purposes of value determination for municipal rating purposes.



This introductory practical guide is an essential tool for any person undertaking property data collection.

The guide will take the reader through the various elements required for property data collection.

In addition, the reader will undertake a series of practical exercises to test their knowledge of the theoretical content as well as to provide them with the actual skills set to complete the tasks assigned to them as property data collectors.

Chapter 1: The Property Data Collection Environment
Chapter 2: Property Data Collection Planning
Chapter 3: Property Attribute Data
Chapter 4: Communication for Property Data Collection
Chapter 5: Physical Data Collection
Chapter 6: Data Acceptance Checking
Chapter 7: Application of Data Collection Theory

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